Hi all, complete newbie to all things FireStick. Huge appreciation to Troypoint, I’m learning everyday. Using THE CREW and when selecting IPTV, I have a choice of three LIVE CHANNEL options. The first (DL) has the UK channels I’m most likely to watch. This week none of the channels load\work. Has something changed? They were fine last week. Options 2 (TV247) and option 3 (USTVGO) LIVE CHANNELS appear to be unaffected and streaming fine.

Thanks for any advice.
KingPro (Mal)


IPTV Channels can be hit or miss. They come and they go. It’s just the way it is

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Thanks for the reply. So, if the entire selection disappears, is it likely to return? Or do I give up on those channels?

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Like what was already said - it’s hit & miss. One day it will work fine, next day it’ll be nothing works. Best to hold on to the channels - who knows, maybe on another day/week they’ll be back up!

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