CotoMovies Developer Intends to Hand Over User Data

Originally published at: IPTV - Best Free & Paid Services - Sep 2021 for Firestick/Android/iOS

The popular movie streaming app CotoMovies has shut down for good, it’s developer says. The app came under fire when the movie “Hellboy” targeted it, specifically in the 3rd party app installer Tweakbox. Now it seems the app’s developer is apologizing for his actions and has agreed to transfer data from the app’s users to…

I never really used coto movies, but if somebody was using a real debrid account on that app, would they be able to log that info back to a real debrid account user??

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Whatever, they’re not going to take like 100,000 peeps or something to court, haha.

This really demonstrates the need to use a good quality VPN which does not keep usage logs or fall under the 4 corners surveillance jurisdiction.