Copy Kodi to SD-card

Hi i was just wondering if i backup my kodi from my laptop into an SD-card for use in a Android box. Is it just copy and paste from laptop to car, and will the android box work with kodi? Are there some software i must install on my Android box? Is there soemthing special i have to do to the card to make it bootable? Sorry for a long and messy post…
If someone could describe me the whole procedure i will be forewer thankfull! :slight_smile:

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First, back up and clarify what EXACTLY you are trying to do. You mentioned a car in your post. Maybe you meant “card”? If you did mean car, I’d advise against that.

To copy your Kodi setup, including your addons and everything, use the backup addon in the official Kodi repository. Save the backup file to a flash drive or trasfer it to your other device somehow. Install the same backup addon on your other device, but this time do a restore using the file you saved and moved. That’s it. There are instructions all over the internet and this forum on how to do that if you search. I’m not going to spell it out in this post when you can look it up.

If you’re asking about booting Kodi from a flash drive that is different. Also can be found on Google.

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Thank you, yes i meant card, my bad… I have been searching but i dont seem to be any closer to my answer… But i will try your advice, thanks again =)