Cooling your android device

One of the big bugaboos in many lower end or intermediate android tv boxes is the build up of heat to the processors due to a combination of 1) inadequate size of the heat sink in contact with the processor used to disperse the heat and, 2) lack of ventilation holes in the box itself. The higher the processor’s speed, the greater the risk of overheating, not only during streaming, but especially if you use the device for gaming. This will often result in the processor temperature reaching in excess of 70 degrees Celsius, which on a consistent basis, can cause your device to freeze up or worse, quit working all together if the temperature gets too high. To solve this problem and save your device in the process, you should consider getting a usb connected multi speed cooling fan with on and off switch for your device. A case in point…. I purchased an otherwise very nice android box with 4gbs of Ram and 128 gbs of internal storage running on a quad core processor. In spite of only using the box for streaming, it would freeze when the processor reached in excess of 70 degrees Celsius. I purchased 2 small usb connected fans with a combination 3 speed on/off switch. I mounted the fans with 2 sided adhesive tape under the box to allow them to blow air up the bottom vents. Voila! The fans on the lowest possible speeds cooled my box down to between 36 to 42 degrees Celsius, saving my device and eliminating freeze ups. Consider doing this on your device.


Thanks for the info . I use to do that with the old old boxes we used back in the day hahaha. I have been thinking about doing it again as we know heat is the enemy of any electronics. What fans and switch did you use and where are they available? I think more people should think about doing this thanks

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Just a little fun project for your firestick.


them little mini fans work wonders and are a must esp for someone that keeps the indoor temp above 77F. I have seen people drill holes in the box to get rid of heat. :eyes: :+1:


I bought the Elutang 40 mm dual fan with usb connection and 3 speed on/off switch. Runs very quiet. Placed them on the bottom of my device under the vents, one blowing air in, one taking it out. $15 off Amazon.


Great thanks found it on Amazon 10 bucks next day delivery can’t beat it . Now I got another project to add to the list getting longer and longer. Thanks again

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Most quality boxes do have good heat sinks with heat disperesement. But that is a good plan for what you where saying. Even laptops need cooking pads people block the vents when on the bed for example and they over heat.

Thanks for the informative post. :slight_smile:


You are most welcome. Even cheap streaming devices can be saved from heat and fire! LOL. :man_firefighter::man_firefighter::man_firefighter::man_firefighter::zap::zap::zap:


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