Confused about firestick update

I have the FS 4k and have it set not to update because of all the crap they upload on your FS. So if I wanna Supercharge my FS I have to update. So isn’t that defeating the purpose of not updating to begin with! Just saying!

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I’ve updated my Max all the time. No noticeable additional ad crap etc. Just function and security additions. I have all the ad and autoplay stuff turned off. Added a 32 GB usb drive and keep 3GB free on the stick. I keep my important apps like TiViMate and Stremio on the Max and everything else I can on the Sandisk 3.0 I always go directly to streaming after checking that VPN is active and connected to my server of choice. Now that the Wolf Launcher issue has been resolved any supposed bloatware doesn’t matter.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

Thanks for the info, appreciate it!

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