Comprehensive APK Link List?

Can we get a comprehensive APK link list? I just bought an Android TV and the Rapid App Installer on it only has Kodi and IPVanish on it… I’ve managed to get my 2 main apps (Streams For Us and Mobdro) but it took some digging to find the APK links :see_no_evil: thanks for everything you do for cordcutters Troy!

Find any apk you want…

Somethings wrong if you’re saying the rapid app installer is lacking APK’s…maybe try reloading it cuz it’s full of them like always…

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I uninstalled and reinstalled it 3 times. This is my first go with an Android TV though… I’ve never had an issue with Fire devices or Android boxes. I still think it would be nice to have a sticky on the APK thread listing Troy’s links. Would be handy to have in this situation rather than going through the tutorials to find them. I trust Troy’s links as opposed to finding some randoms on the web :joy:

I stumbled on a note from Troy indicating that android tv users “may” have to also turn on unknown sources of the specific app used for downloading within the security tab.