Coinbase this site is a total joke avoid

coinbase is a total joke if you are paying with croyto totally avoid these guys
its the worst run site i have ever used

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I use them without an issue. But i changed to something els. What issue you are having? Crypto isn’t that hard just takes time and understanding

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Crypto in general is a risky buisness. I use coinbase and have for a long time, not the best in fees etc but imho are one of if not the safest out there. Coinbase pro is another option, cheaper fees but harder to understand.

Paxful is also another one without id verification.

i am unimpressed with 8 days to access funds

Did you just sign up? New account?

yes but thats a long time to clear a tranfer from a bank and they do that for anytransfer in

i think it depends on country you are from, state and how new you are to the account. Coinbase made some changes recently and i dont like them. however it works without issues and i dont wait as long. but i think your topic is honestly personal preference… we have a tut on how to use it. my advice, use something els, others here will probably use it because its newbies can learn from us on how to use it.

Move on sir, but alot of these " legal " crypto sites do the same thing has coinbase… its all government intervention which i disagree with as as its suppose to be private and anonymous