Cloning mini htpc's

I use 4 generic mini htpc’s with 32gb hd and 8gb ram. I would like to clone all 4 with the same setup. Using estuary with kodi apps. I’m reading the wiki but overwhelmed.

Just install kodi on all 4 devices… there is no pne click clone solution my friend.

The only thing i seen that saves everything when you install is stremio. Kodi is really easy to install, just got to do it 4 times.

Lol…that’s the way I have them setup now. Just wish I could stick in a usb drive and put on the devices. Thank-you, man.

What about turning one of them into a Plex Media Server, add a bigger hard drive and then use a Firestick or Android Box on the other TVs? That’s how I do it and pull from one central location for my own media files.


Thats a great idea! It would make a great system!

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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