Clone Onn Android box USB drive

How to clone Onn Android box USB drive.
I have the new Onn Android Box. I was able to set it up by using Troy’s video for the old Onn. My question is how to clone the USB drive.
I tried to use Xplore but I can’t figure it out.

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You dont clone… just set it up like you did the old one. Its the best way.

I’m very new at this so I really appreciate your help. Immensely. I am leaving the FireSticks and going to the Onn. I purchased an old Onn, for way too much money, but it works so much better for me than the firestick. I set it up by using the video “Supercharge onn. Android TV Box Video” I keep all of my apps and additional Kodi Forks on my USB. When I wish to use a different Kodi It is simple to put the one that I wish to use onto the internal storage of my Onn, With my Real-debrid and Trakt I am all set up. It is extremely rare that I have any buffing.
I have all of my family members throughout the country switched off of cable and now on to fire sticks. I now want to move them over to the Onn. I loaded onto my Onn USB drive all of the apps that my family members would want. It took me a long time to find all the apps that I wanted and that are working.
What I was trying to do is to Copy / “Clone” (Wrong term?) the USB drive so my family members would have all the apps that they would need. Including a couple of Kodi builds.

Is there a video that I can follow in order to be able to do that? Please remember, my level of expertise is very low. Oftentimes I have problems with my smartphone. But, I can follow instructions. Even if I don’t know what I’m doing, if I have a video that shows me step by step what to do, I usually am able to get the job done. My family and friends are always so surprised that I am able to do this. Thanks to you.

I want to thank you in advance for your help. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be paying $180 a MONTH in order to watch the TV programs and Movies that I want. Thank you soooo much.


I’m in the same boat - I have 5 devices I need to setup and want to be able to save some time by cloning the setup to load onto the other 4. I know there’s a way to do it, because I remember looking it up previously. I’ll report back if I find any guides.


Thank you so much. I will do the same

Just prodding to see if anyone has made any headway to solve this question. Looking to figure out the same issue here.

I have done the same for Friends and Family. The shortest way I have found is to add Surfshark or VPN of your choice. I use Surfshark because of the capability to block adds with CleanWeb.

Once installed, I activate it with my acct info to become invisible to ISP. Now ready to add everything.

I add APKTime. See TrotPoint Tutorial for that. It allows you to search for Updates to a number of apps, Top APKs, etc. On APKTime, I open up the Entertainment category. There I find my favorite: HDOBox. They also have BeeTV, Cinema and a bunch of others. Click on the download button. When done, search for more APKs. This I have found is the quickest way…everything in one place. Unless you go the Kodi route…which I personally stopped using as this way is so much easier. :grinning:

I then go back and log off of SurfShark, so MY info isn’t being used. Hope this helps!

If you have collected all of your APKs and possible settings into a folder on the USB drive then you should be able to used a utility on you PC or Mac to clone the drive. Try searching from your PC for “clone usb drive” or something similar. You’ll find multiple applications that will duplicate the drive.

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