Clone Onn Android box USB drive

How to clone Onn Android box USB drive.
I have the new Onn Android Box. I was able to set it up by using Troy’s video for the old Onn. My question is how to clone the USB drive.
I tried to use Xplore but I can’t figure it out.

You dont clone… just set it up like you did the old one. Its the best way.

I’m very new at this so I really appreciate your help. Immensely. I am leaving the FireSticks and going to the Onn. I purchased an old Onn, for way too much money, but it works so much better for me than the firestick. I set it up by using the video “Supercharge onn. Android TV Box Video” I keep all of my apps and additional Kodi Forks on my USB. When I wish to use a different Kodi It is simple to put the one that I wish to use onto the internal storage of my Onn, With my Real-debrid and Trakt I am all set up. It is extremely rare that I have any buffing.
I have all of my family members throughout the country switched off of cable and now on to fire sticks. I now want to move them over to the Onn. I loaded onto my Onn USB drive all of the apps that my family members would want. It took me a long time to find all the apps that I wanted and that are working.
What I was trying to do is to Copy / “Clone” (Wrong term?) the USB drive so my family members would have all the apps that they would need. Including a couple of Kodi builds.

Is there a video that I can follow in order to be able to do that? Please remember, my level of expertise is very low. Oftentimes I have problems with my smartphone. But, I can follow instructions. Even if I don’t know what I’m doing, if I have a video that shows me step by step what to do, I usually am able to get the job done. My family and friends are always so surprised that I am able to do this. Thanks to you.

I want to thank you in advance for your help. If it wasn’t for you, I would still be paying $180 a MONTH in order to watch the TV programs and Movies that I want. Thank you soooo much.


I’m in the same boat - I have 5 devices I need to setup and want to be able to save some time by cloning the setup to load onto the other 4. I know there’s a way to do it, because I remember looking it up previously. I’ll report back if I find any guides.

Thank you so much. I will do the same