Clicking out of cinema ads

over the past 12 months or more I’ve had difficulties trying to click out of the ads which show up every time I press the back button …is there a fix or a workaround for this problem

I understand why they’re there but something needs to be done as it’s causing constant delays especially when the links are either broken or for different shows

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Have the same issue and have to exit the app and manually force close. Super annoying and makes me want to switch to add free version of the app but I thought I’d help support the devs but keeping the ad version.

thanks for the tip I do want to support the developers but I’ve just about had enough of it over the past 18 months I’ve had a look at the rapid installer and I can’t find cinema ad free I’ve gone to unlinked tried to download it but it keeps coming up with the error message app not installed any ideas where I can locate this backup free ad version?

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Troypoint just wants you to switch to a fire stick I see no help on here from him for nvidia shield


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Get the add free version of cinema. It’s on the rapid app installer using unlinked.

Or download it from a apk site.

NS is the best i wont downgrade :grinning:

not on rapid installer and when i DL from unlinked error message comes up app not installed

Not true. I use NVidia Shield as well on my main TV. I use Syncler plus Real Debrid. Quit using Cinema long ago.

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App not installed error means it is already installed. Go into settings / applications and you will probably see it in the list.

if i cant get cinema free ill give Syncler a go thanks

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I quit using Cinema over a year ago. One of the main reasons was the ad BS, and another was the constant wrong movie or show after picking a stream. I now only use Kodi Addons and Real Debrid and have zero problems finding anything I want to watch or getting it to stream


Cinema add free available through file synced app.

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thanks Mike could you send me the link to that site

I hear you loud and clear however When I switched to cinema after using kodi it was like a breath of fresh air if I remember rightly kodi was difficult to use compare to cinema

File synced is on Troy point rapid app installer

Will have to look into this Syncler app. First time hearing about this. I have been using Cinema for the wife for a very long time with real debrid added. But always interested if something out there is better. Ty

I installed Cinema ad free 2.40 version yesterday via Unlinked 12341234 code with no problems at all. Did you uninstall previous versions of Cinema before trying to reinstall?

I have the full blown mega ad version ha ha did I need to delete that first?

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