CinemaHD question

When searching for a tv series my Cinema stopped showing any series and only showed related movie links. No tv series at all. I tried different things and finally found that if i clicked the little icon next to the search icon it changed and my tv series links reappeared in the search results.
What is that little icon?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Lveach1919
In reading through the thread on Cinema (you can use the search function up above), Cinema is acting glitchy lately for some. Some have found uninstall and reinstalling it helps, others are uninstalling and adding an add-on such as Seren, The Crew, Venom and using real-debrid.
Might give the thread a read and see if a solution for you presents itself.
Good luck.



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To add to what @Sbrowne126 you have to switch between movies and TV shows at the top. The burger stack.

I did the same thing when I first used it.


Thanks for your input! Sounds like operator error in my case. Although i do get a few wrong episodes now and then i can live with that.
Thanks again


That’s a common cinemahd issue.

There is tons of info on that if want to look up other avenues.

If you feel you been helped, please kindly use the solution feature. Thank you for the support to this community. Enjoy!