Cinemahd Facebook Group

Cinema HD Community Support (Developer Approved) Facebook group. Has it been removed? I follow it but now I can’t find it.

I literally just spent a lot of time looking for this group. I saved a post yesterday and couldn’t find it.


Yeah…I was looking for the group just now and it seems to be gone! Temporary? (I hope)

I saw on another Facebook page that they have been removed by Facebook permanently. And there will be no more updates to Cinema as the Devs have moved on.

So what’s the community’s opinion on this? Are we declaring Cinema officially dead? Will TP be removing this as a recommended app?

Cinemahd still works for now, its recommended on the mainsite because its free, so many people want free options.


Read the list, so many other options out there tho.

And to everyone els, get a real debrid, well worth it.


I belong to it, but when I recommended FilmPlus I was told I would be banded, so I just quit the group.

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