CinemaHD 2 real debrid links -need resolv-

When I select a movie in CinemaHD 2 all the RD links have this (need resolv) none of the links with this will load
I’ve turned off IPVanish, deauthorized RD then reauthorized, turned IPVANISHVPN back on no different ? Any ideas

Nope, i wish i knew! Same problem over here also

I have the same problem ;-( Troy can you tell us how to get this corrected? Thank You.

I’m seeing the same thing but every one of these that I click on works fine. Tested on multiple movies and TV programs, no problems. I’m running IPVanish.

This worked for me:

  1. Deauthorise RD
  2. Make sure IPVanish is ON.
  3. Reauthorise with IPVanish running.

IPVanish should not be turned off to do the Reauthorise!!