Cinema subtitles using mx player

Sorry to ask question again but…
I follow the exact steps on Troypoint
do the three dot drill… get me to check search box- I do that…then shows name of debrid link movie choice I selected … so I delete it and press the x
this goes to the select screen and I type in name of movie hit next
get back to the get subtitle screen…movie name is there …click OK …show searching subtitles…
this is where problem happens…It goes back to the original choices screen… not to the subtitle list where you could select a subtitle and download.
Any thought on what step I messed up.? Is it possible I do not have the right version of Cinema?
Al the old guy

Hi @pophott
I haven’t used Cinema in a while, so forgive me if I don’t have this just precisely as I usually do.
I think though, you go into MX player and turn on subtitles and pick your language, then even you go back and click on your link, it should go. But like I said, it’s been quite awhile since I used Cinema.

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Thanks…what is your APK of choice?

I use only 2:
Seren and the Crew; I use both with real-debrid.

Are these are only useable with Kodi?

Hi @pophott
Yes, you install them into Kodi.

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