Cinema Streams Firestick

Anyone else not getting streams? I have switched to Bee.



Are you using a free version of cinema? Meaning no real debrid or paid mega hoster? If so that’s a common problem.

I’d look into real debrid or use beetv. My personal recommendations are Kodi (crew oath seren) stremio and syncler.


Yes, I’ve been using BeeTV. Thanks

I recently downloaded Cinema from
on my Sony 75" Bravia X90J TV & it has worked like always. I also installed IPVanish & stream with download speeds above 300MB/s using a USB3.0 to Ethernet 1gig adapter. My normal download speed is above 500MB/s.
With the Sony I watch 720 streams in 4K & am experiencing zero problems on the Google Smart TV platform which is set in Developer Mode… I only use Cinema with a Trakt account, No Real Debrid & use it for TV program catchup & not Movies.
Frankly, I have Prime, HBO Max with my AT&T Family Cell & Internet plan free & Disney+ so I am satisfied streaming movies from these sources only & have no presonal need to watch the latest releases.

Thanks for the input. My Cinema was working up to about 2 weeks ago. I hadn’t made any changes.
Now I’ll be using BeeTV.

Yea. Cinema has been having alot of issues lately regardless of Real Debrid as far as bad links showing wrong movies. Film Plus has been working great for me so far for months.

Cinema has benn working good for me for the last couple of weeks. Getting plenty of 4k links and 1080. I have Real Debrid and watch mostly TV shows.

You have to install the right version, V2 2.4.0. Get it on unlinked.

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