Cinema recording issues

Cinema has turned into a real piece of crap. Nothing will record no matter what source I choose. Several friends are having the same issues. Anyone else?

Hello @tequilabob I personally don’t use Cinema anymore. Ever since Syncler was released, I’ve been using that.

I have not had any problems with Cinema using real-debrid. I use it selectively I must admit but lately it’s been fine for me.

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I assume when you say ‘record’ you mean download something, say a movie. I use Cinema a lot for this. After selecting a stream, I don’t select the ‘Download’ option but instead select the ‘Open With’ option. Open it with ES File Explorer, (available on the Troypoint App) and then it will download the movie and save it to internal memory. Depending on your device, you can then move the download to another folder/drive again using ES File Explorer.

For a free app, I find Cinema to work quite well even though I haven’t been able to download movies and shows. I don’t use real debrid, yet playback is excellent, with excellent picture quality, and I have not experienced any buffering issues. Only problem I have encountered is sometimes the titles don’t match up with the streams. For a free app, I think it works pretty well. I think it is a bit much for people to expect perfection from any app they don’t have to pay for.

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What version of cinema are you using where there are no problems and will run series? Thank you