Just updated to Cinema 2.6.0 from the notification screen within Cinema. Now I get no RD links at all. Re-authorized RD 3 times, no success. Also updated Tea TV yesterday from its notification screen and now can’t get RD links either. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

I’m sure you already double checked to see your RD premium sub is still current and not expired?

Sure did, active until October 29, 2023.

Did you test for RD links from different sources, particularly more popular titles? Some titles, particularly older and less demand ones or some imports don’t render many links.

You didn’t mention of you use a VPN. If so make sure your VPN isn’t on their blacklist. Check out link below to see if VPN is on block list or if your IP is blocked.

Try it briefly without VPN on and see if RD sources come up.

You authorized RD on the correct area in each apk? Some people unknowingly try to authorize real debrid under the all debrid section.

Try a device reboot? Modem/router reboot?

Try disabling ipv6.

Using IPVanish as I have for years, although I did have to uninstall and reinstall it a week or so ago due to some problems. Installed it from Amazon App Store.

I’m using all the same titles (TV series) I’ve always used, with all the same accesses. Haven’t tried to check without VPN on. Unfortunately, with VPN off, my ISP blocks and slows down some APKs, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

Ok, I figured it out when I mentioned that I had to reinstall IPVanish last week. When I went in to Split Tunnel a few apps, I also checked off Cimema and Tea TV, so they weren’t going through the VPN. I unchecked them and all is working fine now. Thanks for the suggestions; you helped me stop to recognize my own errors.

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