Cinema - Not playing correct

Lately when selecting a movie on cenema and after the system finds it the various streams come in. However, even though it shows the correct movie at the top of the screen, other unrelated movies play when I click on a stream. Why is this happening and can I correct it?

No, you can’t correct this. Cinema has been abandoned by its developer so who knows what sort of issues it has. Only thing you can count on is that is will continue to get worse. Change to something like BeeTV or FilmPlus. Or, better still, Stremio.

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We’ve had this discussion before. skin77a gave you the correct answer. I also used Cinama for a long time.


Welcome to the community. As a newer user please use the search as this is a common issue/problem.

I’m new at this so please excuse me. What are the steps to install Stremio on my Firestick? Thank you for your kind help

Here you go. Be sure to set up your account on a computer - it’s a pain doing on the firestick. Once it’s set up on the computer, install it on your firestick and log in. All your settings will be there!


One thing I highly recommend is the addition of the torrentio addon. This pulls lots of good sources. Now as mentioned, and especially if you want to use Real Debrid it’s much easier to do on a computer as the API key is long and you need to copy and paste it. Now the easiest way to install torrentio is to put the following link into the search function in the addon module and enter.
This gives you access to the json catalogue file with more addons. You really don’t need to use Real Debrid as you will find lots of sources without it, but it does add an extra layer of security and sources. Always use a VPN with this app.

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