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I’m looking for answers as to why I’m unable to pull up movies when searching in Cinema. I begin typing the movie name and when I hit next, all the options that appeared on the left side of the screen are gone. This doesn’t happen when searching tv shows.
I have tried deleting cache, data, and rebooting with no success.
I have other apk options however I’m trying to help a friend who doesn’t.

I hope youre aware Cinema HD devs got read the riot act by Hollywood and have discontinued with the app?

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Pretty much what the user said above, id switch to something els.

Depends on where you are I guess…I’m still getting it and current episodes that are showing up on Cinema while not showing up on Seren

Use tea tv works good


I have not tried tea…does it have ads?

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Hi @JediJudy
No adverts

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I’m aware. Thanks and welcome.

Usually at beginning or end you can click out of them takes getting use to but good

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