Cinema login what version

I am using unlink 55555555 …should I get regular Cinema or the beta version?

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Hi @pophott
I would stay away from beta version.


what is the link to download cinema on fire stick

Hi @Trab
The APK is called Unlink.
It can be found here on this tutorial from @TROYPOINT RAI

The code is 55555555.

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Please, everyone, do a scan of any apks before install. I got a Cinema HD Apk from an unlinked store and installed it. Then I noticed some peculiar behavior from my stick and immediately did a virus scan. The Cinema HD I had installed was loaded with 12 different Spyware, adware, malware components. I emmediately deleted it.



Yes, do that. But getting the proper release version typically is the best way. Modded version tend to be more sketch.

I’m curious if the source code of these apps are getting leaked.


Get the original version or the add free. The only two I recommend.

If using unlinked, do what @Miki suggest for save guard but they do generate false positives.


How did you scan for viruses sorry new to this.

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