Cinema Link Missing

I had been using Cinema and only one link ___ _ _ CDN Fast Server to watch Gunsmoke. I watched 11 seasons in 2020, the 15th episode on 12/31/2020. Effective 1/1/2021, that stream is no longer available for Gunsmoke including for episodes I had watched previously. Does anyone know what happened? Does anyone know of an alternative apk where I can get Gunsmoke seasons and episodes for free?? I’m a RD subscriber if that matters. TIA

Kodi exodus redux and the crew find gunsmoke links for seasons 1-20, don’t know about every single episode. Stremio apk pulls up some links but is hit and miss. Fenix streams iptv has 24 hour gunsmoke channel but is limited to early seasons. We are fans going back many years👍.

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Stremio has 20 seasons. The following sources>>
RD+ Torrentio
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos2

Most are SD or MP4 by the looks of things.
I tried an Orion source and that was for year 1 episode 1 and it loaded and played flawlessly, just ask John Wayne. Lol
I just tried random episodes from multiple years and every one had multiple sources and all played. Btw I also have Real Debrid and that helps.