Cinema in question

Just my opinion, but nothing replaces Cinema unless it is cinema. Too bad they will not be running it. Will miss it when it is gone. Any possibilitty they will try to keep it going? Dam, I would pay for that.

Thats not really a question, there is plenty other stuff thats better than cinemahd. We are going to have to get used to other stuff as this tends to come and go.

Try stremio.


To each their own. I thought Cinema was garbage even when it was being maintained. If you’re looking for simple interface there are Kodi builds that look just like Netflix.

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There is a big streaming world out there explore more options available than you will ever need. So many talked about here stremio or syncler probably all you need but many more available as the old saying goes try it you’ll like it :v::grin:


I don’t trust that any APK will always be there. This streaming thing is becoming a burr in the butt for any companies that rely on profits from subscribers. This is why you need to have backups that work when that fav, CinemaHD, goes down never to really work again. Who knows when this will happen with Syncler or Stremio

i do have a super service, I just liked that I could search and look at some of the old movies by date. I have never seen that on any option. Somtimes I enjoy the really old movies because I am old. :wink:


I agree with Bearclaw, I thought Cinema was a great app. Hopefully there will be a bona fide fork soon so that all those great features will be available again.

Don’t get me wrong, I use Stremio/DR/SS all the time now and will continue to do so until it, too, goes down. But Cinema took some beating.


Cinema is gone let it go already they come and go move on this subject has been beaten to death already. I used it it’s gone and moved on. :v::grin:


Yea, im going to close this. People please use the search.

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