Cinema HD v2 beta

Does anyone know how to add a favorite in the TV Shows section?

Good point @kevinsb2 I don’t see it either. I guess that is reason for beta releases.

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You add favorites the same as you add movie favorites. They will all be in the favorites file.

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@rboswell79 @kevinsb2 This is referring to the new Beta release. I don’t see the heart icon in the TV Shows like we have for movies. So, in the beta release, there is currently no way to add that unless I am missing something.

Oh, sorry. I’m not familiar with the new beta release. Am I missing something that I should have? If it’s all that, I want it too.

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@rboswell79 I would suggest staying with stable for now. You can also install the beta as well by using the TROYPOINT App as it is listed there. When you install the Beta, it doesn’t do anything to your current release so you can use both.

Cinema HD beta has also given me problems, most recently it failed to complete an update. I like some of the presentation changes for TV series, though, easier to read.

I am trying to find the url to put in the address on my Downloader app because I cannot find the apk in Troypoint list of apks. Can you provide me with the url for cinema he?

Hello @banksent1 we can no longer serve any of those types of apps. Use the Unlinked App instead. You can install that through Rapid App Installer and use code 55555555 to get that app.