Cinema HD-TV Show Episodes Not Loading

Hi, all! Just updated Cinema HD (2.0.0) per the system’s prompt. I can access the various seasons of tv shows, however none of the episodes are available. When I click a season, it just “spins” but never loads episodes. Anyone else having this issue? (I do use Real Debrid already.). Thanks for any insight!

Have the same thing…so much foe their update!!! LOL

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Hello everyone, I would suggest giving CyberFlix a shot. Their last update 3.1.6 is really good and no ads. I would say that this is now working better than Cinema.


Thanks Troy! I’ll definitely follow your suggestion. Have a great day!

I upgraded with no problems. I would suggest uninstalling it and doing a new reinstall.

I had the same problem. I realized that I had my VPN off. When I turned it back on, the problem went away.

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Thanks so much for the suggestions/feedback! My IP Vanish has been acting a bit wonky lately; disconnecting on its own. That may be the issue. Love this forum!

On one of our TVs I did the update and the other tv I did not. The HD Cinema isn’t working at all. I get a “server maintenance” message that says “back in a few minutes.” The older version works perfectly.
I’ve been just using Cyberflix and not using the new Cinema at all.

I’ve noticed recently that even though I have a Real Debrid account, no matter what link I try in Cinema HD, I get terrible buffering. Even with file sizes under 500MB!!
No problem with any other apps.

I’m experiencing the same! One tv okay and the other not. Also episodes not loading