Cinema HD running fine, anyone else?

Used the Cinema HD for the past few days with RD and it work fine. I was told it was shut down and I also was running my vpn.


Its no longer supported, as many users have pointed out it will work up until its completely defunked. Common issue. When it stops working move on from it.

Has stopped being developed and updated since Aug of last year. As long as the scrapers are active or if using RD you will get links, but if issues they won’t be fixed. You will see more incorrect links etc. Lots of youtube vids about this and Troy also has info if you do a search.

Still working for me too

Yes, it will keep working for a while but not indefinitely. The search function is pretty much useless and you will frequently get the wrong title in a stream.

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Working great for me. I have The Crew to fall back on.

Same here running fine for some reason mine never went down


It won’t go down it just won’t be updated. But as long as the scrapers in it are still active you will get sources, although some movies will now have incorrect links. Bugs won’t be fixed and no code advancement. Real Debrid will probably help as it’s less likely the source will go down. A shame really as the developer sure knows his stuff.

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Yes but I’m still using an old version with real debrid. If I try a new version on someone N shield it doesn’t.

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