Cinema HD problems today

Cinema hd is not downloading any links to watch programs… I have uninstalled and reinstalled… Syncler is the same… anyone having this issue… thanks

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Definitely no expert here but the first thing that I would do is go down to the sprocket, open it and then go over to “Applications” open that, then go down to "manage installed applications’ at the bottom and open that. Here you want to look at Internal space. If you are getting low on space this may cause issues.

Otherwise, to answer your question, I haven’t had any issues getting links in Cinema today. I don’t use Syncler.


After years of using Cinema, I’ve finally moved on.


Yeah, we are having the same problem. Trying to watch the the book of a certain bounty hunter and it’s not coming up with anything

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When the other apps wont let you see… you can always count on BeeTV…

(Its got the hunter of which u speak)

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