Cinema HD error

I’m using latest version of Cinema HD on I believe to be a 2nd gen Fire TV box. When I try to open a stream, I get flashed " cannot make a new request because the previous is still open: please call response close. I’ve cleared cache, forced stop and even uninstalled and reinstalled. Does anyone know what’s going on? Is it the latest version. How do I fix this? Just tried it on my android phone and got the same result. Thanking you in advance

if you are using ip vanish ,turn it off then on. hope it helps

I have the same issue and am using CyberGhost VPN (IPVanish was working really badly yesterday in Spain). I also tried turning off the Android box but got the same issue repeated after restart.

Haven’t tried that one. Will give it a try. Thanks!

Using V2 (2.1.6) without issue on a amazon stick 4K

Try UnlockMyTV ad free instead. It is a clone of Cinema but works better.

After having issues with cinema, I changed over to catmouse and it’s working very well, lots of real debrid links.

I would go into app settings and force stop and clear cache and seebif that fixes it.

It has to do with which order you turn Ipvanish and real-debrid on. I can’t remember which order it is because once I get it working I don’t fool with it any longer.