Cinema full screen issues

On cinema I used to have full screen pictures an now I have small screens only if I get a 1080 link then I get a full screen

Thanks for any help


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What do you mean? Black bars left and right?

Hi @Mayz712
So, without a little more info as suggested by @TP-Dracoo, I suspect you are talking about aspect ratio. Some movies and TV shows are filmed in larger than 16:9 aspect ratio (which is what most of us are accustomed to viewing).
So, not a lot to do, except pick a different stream. What I don’t know is, if there is a way to go into Cinema setting and change aspect ratio so that Cinema only provides links in that ratio. :man_shrugging:

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The above info is correct.

The only thing I wanted to add is if you use mx player you can go into your settings (decorder) and tick on correct aspect ratio size.

That will fix it for some. Also in playback settings or video settings I can’t remember if it’s in cinema you can manually select aspects ratio size. But as @Sbrowne126 mentioned if the link is uploaded in that ratio it will only play in that. Typically older shows or movies.

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The video is itself is a little

Thanks again

May I ask if you have Kodi installed?
If so, check to see if any settings might have changed.
Go to the to of the Kodi Home Screen where the gog icon is at the top and click on it.
Scroll to the Player tab and click.
Right click the select button to move to the right; scroll down to Minimise black bars. It should read off.
Click one down to Display 4:3 videos as. It should read Normal

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