Cinema apk question

I have 2nd generation firestick ip vanish on cinema i have a bunch of tv shows that are on my favorites some of them will let me see the whole season on others it just keeps on going no links an i get that ugly face an happening on alot of the shows also have paid up real debrid

Ppl been having a little probs with Cinema (although mine just updated this morn)…
try BeeTV its the same but with diffrnt linx sometimes

Ok will download an give it a try

Do you have a Trakt TV account to keep track of favorites & shows watched ?
If not use this link & joining is Free.

Afterwards link your Trakt account with every streaming app you use & it will keep track of your favorites automatically.
I also only use Bee TV & Cinema. Use an adblocker, use only the Official link & IPVanish will work with AdGuard provided you go into the settings on both & on IPVanish put a checkmark beside AdGuard in Split Tunnel & on AdGuard in Apps Management scroll way down to IPVanish & disable - turn all 3 red by clicking on IPVanish then a new screen opens scroll down to the bottom & click to off AdGuard Protection. Now they will function together as long as you open IPVanish 1st connecting to servers then back out & open AdGuard & click on Protection enabled last.

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