Cinema APK Loss Of Favorites Seasons

I’ve lost all of the “Seasons” for any of the “Favorites” I’ve saved. Tried deleting the APK and reloading from the Troypoint Rapid Installer but no help. Don’t know if it had any affect but I have used the new “ debloater” recently released. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

same here, also happened a few weeks ago…think cinema released a fix

So do you think using Downloader instead of Troypoint’s Rapid Installer would produce better results? Or is there a better source for the “fixed” Cinema version?

i tried both avenues and was only fixed when cinema released the fix, as i recall @TROYPOINT mentioned a fix in an email he sent out.

Tried to check for updates from the app but I get a “Unsupported Browser Link” message. Not sure how to fix that. ?

in settings is a restore favorites

Both Cinema and Unlock My TV have been having the same issue. Comes and goes. Don’t think the fix works all the time. Good thing we have lots of options available to us.

Cinema’s latest update solved my “Favorites” problem. Issue closed.

I had trouble with the debloater in that all Amazon content was inoperable. So I reset the debloater to put everything backup and things work just fine. But I’d like to know what the items that we were getting rid of do so that I can figure out which items I can do with that out and put back in the debloater