Cinema APK 2.2.2

Since the newest V2.2.2 the commercials have taken over! It was bad before but now it’s rediculous. I have been using Stremio more and more every day. Cyberflix had problems but I will give it another try. It just didn’t offer as many choices as Cinema did for me.

Just have to use Ad Blocker. But use TVZion as your main since nothing is even close to it. Real Debrid and Zion Club make it perfect.

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Good to know, I have been trying to load and it will not give me time to accept before it closes.

Suggest you dump Cinema app and install UnlockMyTv app off the Troypoint installer. It has no commercials but otherwise is a clone of the Cinema app.

To date 7/22, I use cinema with no commercials to speak of. Once in a while some will pop up. Compare to Hulu / Amazon prime. U pay for those and get commercials and forced to watch previews.

I’ll take a few commercials from a stable service that’s (don’t loose sight of this) FREE.