Cinema and Real Debrid

I’m wondering if anyone else is having or had this happen-
I have two firesticks, I updated Cinema on one of them, but now that one no longer finds Real Debrid links. The firestick where I did not update Cinema still finds Reald Debrid links. This happen to anyone else? If so, what is the fix?

I do not use a firestick, but use an android box. Seems to me after updating Cinema, you would need to re-authorize Real Debrid. That is my first step always when I am having a problem with Real Debrid links showing up.


Oh crap. This is not what I wanted to read. We have seen a handful of complaints already that streams stopped working after updates. I think Amazon is blocking it through updates. I would recommend NOT updating the other one until it’s confirmed. In fact, I would look up how to prevent updates from happening both on your apps and your firestick user interface. Use it as-is until your apps stop working.

On the one you already updated, can you download a few more apps that use real-debrid and tell me if the same thing happens on them?

that was the first thing I checked.

And the real-debrid account is the same on both devices? Because the two other people turned out to have expired subscriptions.

Try going into real-debrid online and look at your devices. Clear out some of them or all of them and try registering again on the firestick you updated. Let me know if that does anything.

Yeah I had the issue once and I went into settings on the cinema app and clicked on accounts tab and my real debrid automatically refreshed. Which gave me access to my links again! Hope this helped.


yeah, same account. I’ll go into the real debrid account and do that and see if it does anything,

Thx, that worked! I went into my real-debrid accnt, deleted that device, reauthorized cinema on the firestick where it wasn’t working and now I’m getting real-debrid links!
Thank you!



Glad it worked. :slight_smile: should click on solution to solve this.

Re-Authorize real debrid and reinstalling apk.


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