Chains tv would not load

Tried to load Chains tv. I followed instructions, got Chains but not Chains Tv?? What is the problem?

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Glad I’m not the only one…

Having the same issue. The zip file uploads. Run install from repository. When you open the Chains Repository/Video Add-Ons, Chains TV is not listed

Yep… same problem here also.

Yup, same here. Chains TV sounds like a great addon, I hope it is restored to the Chains Repository soon.

I had same problem and tried it 2xs

Same issue with me. I tried 3 different times following Troy’s video making sure that I had the URL correct. After installing the zip file, then the repository, but I don’t have Chains TV in the list. I have the exact source before and after where Chains is supposed to be. I guess I will just go back to a Kodi build. I haven’t had any issues with installing a Kodi build.

I’m unable to install also! After three attempts, I just deleted the files and quit trying!