Cemema app storage message

While watching a movie I received a “flash” stating delete apps storage is low. I am using fire stick and I know I have amble storage. I did finish the movie. Any reason I why received the "flash:

I get that msg also. And others have contacted me about the same thing. I don’t know why it happens. But don’t panic if you know you have ample storage. But I did download the
“Clean Master” app, just to have a way of quickly cleaning junk, to stay on top of it all.

Thanks for help and recommendation

I had that issue when I switched to the “beta” Cinema version. Went back to the original and all’s good.

I had that issue last week. I tried to use Clean Master and it didn’t work. Kept crashing. I figured the app was no longer working and I deleted it. Good to know. I’ll try reinstalling it.

Try installing it from “file linked” 46146770.