CBC Gem APK will not load after updating

Anyone have an Idea of how to get CBC Gem APK to operate. I am using IPvanish but it keeps asking me to update my APK and when I try, it tells me that this content is only available in Canada.

When it says something like that then open your VPN and select a location in Canada to connect to. Toronto or Vancouver for example, then try updating.


Thanks Miki I am connected through my ipVanish VPN to a Canadian server in Toronto… that’s what puzzling me…

Unlinked library # 12341234 CBC Gem v10.4.1 is in there. Maybe try that.

Ok. I have an idea what might be wrong now. I have a fire stick that I bought while in Florida in winter. I live in Canada and can not get my stick to work anymore ,even though I am in Canada. I went into setting and my stick says I am in Texas in setting ,even though in Canada. Think I have to make it allow a fake location app and allow in developer options.

Hey Rustikart, that sounds very interesting… Please keep me in the loop if you come up with a solution… Thanks, Larry
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There may be nothing you can do. I’ll explain. When a Firestick is registered to your account unique identifiers are recorded by Amazon, like serial numbers. So in my case my stick is registered to a .ca account. Now no matter how I try, or where I get say the Pluto apk I can never install it on my stick. I can’t even sideload it. The same may apply to .com Amazon accounts.

I think I tried that… but will give it another shot… I believe the actual app is on version 10.5.xx

PS … the stick does not work at all… or just on the CBC Gem apk?

Thank you sir for putting that idea back in my head, I reloaded unlinked… and re installed the CBC gem Apk and Boomshakalaka baby… it’s working… Thank you again…

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