Cat Mouse App Movies No Data

When selecting Movies in Cat Mouse App it states “No Data”.
Is anyone else having this issue?


I just logged on to Cat Mouse and indeed movies shows No Data. Also TV shows like they are still there until you go to Season and it is No Data also.

I have the same results so I would suggest that they are either been taken down or doing a major upgrade , I would suspect the first

What is a great replacement?

I experienced the same problem last night. I tried to download again from Troy point. It did not work. The circle arrow just kept turning and turning.

I use beeTV and Cinema mainly

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you know what would be awesome…and if there is one, forgive me…if Troy could have a category in here called “status”…All the apps that can be effected in the Rapid Installer could be listed with their current operating status. I only use TP and when things go down, go away, or just get funky, having one reliable source to talk me off the edge would be a total game changer. Doesn’t have to be really detailed…like…gone…is good…even …don’t know…would work, but a trusted source allows us to move one. I can’t imagine with everything else that TP can do that this would be that tough to set up…I dunno, asking for too much?

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VivaTV & TVZion are both working great for me; and available via Troy’s RAI…

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Looks like Cat Mouse had an update. All good now

I just did the update and it is not working!

All good working great

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I am using CatMouse version 2.5 with no problems at all.

Works on my Fire 4K but not on mt 9+ cell phone