Casting/screen mirroring

Is there an easy way to screen mirror with ipvanish active on your device that is receiving content? In other words I have a tablet with ipvanish active and wish to stream it to my firestick on a television. I am using an Android tablet. Smart View recognizes the fire stick but will not cast content with the VPN active on the tablet.

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Hello @Money you should be able to turn on “Allow Network Access” or something similar to in the IPVanish settings of the app.


Thanks you I will give it a try…


No luck…only seems to work when ipvanish is off on my Android device and my 4K fire stick.

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I’m not 100 % sure but I think that both devices must be on the same wifi/network. But if your running vpn on both devices it will think that they are different???

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Must be on the same wifi. You could try connecting with the VPN off and then once connected turning the VPN back on.

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@Powerfader Funny you said that. I have a banking app that will not connect with the VPN on. Contacted the bank and they told me I have to log on without a VPN. Then turn it on afterwards to do transactions.

Kind of defeats the purpose, your password and user ID go out on the interweb before you can secure them with a VPN.

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Rarely use one living in the US. 'Bout the only time I use one is if I think Concrap is throttling me.

I cast shows/movies already downloaded from a Samsung tablet to a Samsung TV (not the Firestick on the TV) using the SmartView app in the tablet. I have to disable the VPN every time. The TV seems to block the connection if the VPN is on. The same applies if I’m trying to cast a stream coming into the tablet, which defeats the purpose of the VPN. Adjusting the per app setting for SmartView in the VPN on the tablet makes no difference.

There’s no difference when casting from the tablet to the FireStick. The VPN on the Stick is automatically disabled, and I have to manually disable the VPN on the tablet.

Would be great to find a workaround, as the tablet gets better connectivity than the Stick.

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Noob here but when I screen mirror I use my MacBookPro with my VPN (I chose Express if that seems to make a difference). Both TV and laptop must be on the same network as Mom (NC) has an Eero unit with essentially two different wifi networks to help with cable internet function due to neighborhood bleed and I have a 5 and 2.4 option at home (Portugal). I surf for whatever program I am looking for with VPN on and then just project to TV. Hope it helps - I was actually coming on to find out if real-debrid would work with mirroring as well. I haven’ t purchased yet because I just recently got the 5G up in Portugal.

As Real Debrid is loaded into and authorized in an app and then the feed is accessed an loaded by the app/player all the work is done on the device and then once you initiate the stream in the player all you’re doing is projecting or casting that stream from your streaming device to the tv. So yess RD will work when casting.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Going through Video for Real Debrid right now. I do experience buffering even in PT where my speed is above 600 so now that I have real speed I would like to finally get it and I can certainly use it in NC where the speed is more like 250-300. Triple play over there is much cheaper than here so I don’t mind going back on cable and it is by far the fastest internet over there - ill use the firestick for extra programming basically and the VPN is just common sense too many hackers especially as I am now closer to Eastern Europe anyway :slight_smile:

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And real debrid worked flawlessly whereas I only had 720p options with the free program I now after purchasing a subscription have 1080p and 4K options. I might try another stream later to see if there are other options for those shows as well. Happy Happy Joy Joy :slight_smile:

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