Cant update firtestick 4k

Hello I am new to the forum, best wishes to all.
I Have firestick 4K with version and when I try to update it indicates I have latest version please help

Hi @guatrefreddie
Welcome. Your device is running the most current OS. So no worries.

thank you for your answer

my other firestick indicates version 7?

My Firestick 4K software version is
I think you are at the lattest version.

That is the latest update for the old 4K firesticks. Same version as mine.

Thank you it helps to know though its a 4K bought recently

Thank you it helps to know that I am not so far from update as I thought

I should looked here first. The latest video Troy put up mentioned that OS 7 should be available for the Firestick 4k. The issues there is getting the Additional memory installed. So I assumed OS7 was already available for the 4k. I guess not.

I think it’s a number thing Fire OS 7 is based on Android 9 and is still in developement stage.
Fire OS6 is based on Android 7.1
I know, as clear as mud.
It is also my understanding that the 4K Max will have the Fire TV OS 7. But as developement is on going it appears Amazon developers are using the 4K Max as test subjects.

I think I misunderstood the point of what Troy was communicating. His video was talking about moving apps to externa memory of the FireTV family of devices and he said something to the effect it works on Fire OS7 in the new MAX. But it would also work on the older devices and named several of them. But he also mentioned if you have FireOS 6, he would show how to do that with X-plore. What I missed is that FireOS 7 is ONLY on the Max and you would have to use X-plore to move the apps with that rather than doing it natively with FireOS 7. My mistake in what I thought I heard as I was assuming FireOS 7 was on the 4K units.

Hopefully, it will eventually be on the older sticks.

Hello everyone, the original 4K Firestick is on Fire OS 6. As the video states, there is a tutorial linked in video description for those devices using ADB commands. The new tutorial is for the new firesticks and Cube running Fire OS 7. This includes Firestick 4K Max, Firestick Lite, 3rd Gen Firestick, and 2nd Gen Fire TV Cube. Hopefully Amazon updates the original 4K Firestick to Fire OS 7 but I wouldn’t hold your breath.