Can't open Film+

Film+ won’t open. Tried various methods.

Welcome to the Insider. Could you be a little more detailed? The app itself doesn’t open, or the streams? What does it say? What device are you using? What version of Film+ are you using? etc etc

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When I click open, it locks up and does nothing. I am using a T95 box and running version 1.8.8 of Film+. This happens even when I go to settings>app>Film+ and hit open

Ditch it and go for Stremio :+1:


Have you forced stop/clear cache/reopen app, or if that didn’t work…uninstalled/reinstalled the newest version of Film+?

When I go into settings and then Film+, Force Stop disappears. I have cleared cache. I have been avoiding uninstall/reinstall as a last resort. I will try that tomorrow.