Can't login from AFTV

okay it’s my first post here. I’m quite the newbie technically, and I’m an old guy, so you folks be gentle. I managed to get side loaded on my fire stick, and I have actually installed a few files. I use AFT for most things at this stage, but I also installed the Opera browser, and I really like to look of that.

just for grins I loaded MileVids and it works.

But now for the problems: if I oould get to one of my emails I think things should go a lot quicker for me. I have a Gmail account and a throw away account at I use AFT to go to the Google login page and for the life of me I can’t get past step one. I enter my email then I hit next, and it just flickers to another screen for me to log in with my email or phone number again. the process is not helped by the fact that I am doing my research on a phone / tablet and I’m also entering stuff into the TV, going back and forth and back and forth.

Trying to log into was a bit better. it would take my username but when I am my password that never worked either. I’m just at a total loss at this point.

I know if I ever connect the first thing they’re going to do is send me a CAPTCHA and I hate those things! Any tips or nuances or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all!

Welcome, you might try logging into Google on your pc or tablet to verify your username and password work. Everything has to be perfect in the spelling and punctuation. It might be easier to start over again and skip the google stuff on the stick or pre register it on Amazon if you have an account. Hope this helps. :v:

TJ, Thanks for the welcome and the reply. it was just typos.i just raised it to ALL CAPS, and I could read it much better. still working the bugs out here. I have a lot of trouble with the APK download sites. There’s so many links that say "download here. Although I have never caught a virus on Android, I’m still paranoid about clicking the wrong link and getting one (am I right to be paranoid?).

Speaking of which, does anyone have a good link where I can download the APKPURE Installer, preferably a direct link like those codes that Troy uses in his Downloader app.i sure like those! So, in summary…

  1. a good link for downloading APKPURE
  2. Am I safe to not be clicking randomly when I see “Download Here”

Thanks again to all!

And I couldn’t find the code for apkpure but you can go to for the latest download. Also the TP Toolbox code is 250931, it has many useful apps on it. Apktoide code is 545293, Apktime is21254. Should be able to find any app you want through these stores.

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