Cant get any sound

In cinema or kodi when i stream a tv show cant get any sound on firestick with rd but if i pause show can here the click any suggestions

Probably need to adjust your audio settings. Is your TV the only sound equipment you have hooked up?

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Yes my tv is all i have hooked up

Check your addon settings, Kodi settings, and device settings to make sure nothing more than 2.0 stereo output is selected.

Set your MX Player setting to HW+.
You can also do this for each show by clicking the HW button at the top right of the screen.

Ya that is set at 2.0 kodi is working now its cinema even my favorites an went back an put it on a show that i watched an had volume now i dont

That’s not the setting I was referring to.
Check again in the MX Player settings (not Kodi settings)

Ok i will give try that

Ya that hw+ is on maybe it mx player that i using


Edit: I missed the msg where kodi was working. My apologies.

Mx player needs codecs for some audio formats and its missing one this typically ony happens for surround sound links.

You need to install a codec or go into troypoint app unlinked and there is a version of mx there with this support.

Or just use vlc as mentioned below.

They said Kodi is working now, just not Cinema. Try switching to the internal player or VLC if you can’t get MX to work.

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Jayhawk659 sorry for taking to long to get back to you i was moving it was the internal player working good now thanks a million