Can't find installed APKs?

Installed some apps on a Tivo Stream 4K device using the unlinked app. After installing, I cannot find the installed apps on the device app list nor am I able to uninstall them as they are not listed as an installed app. If I open ES File explorer, however, the apps are shown as being installed and i’m able to uninstall from ES. So why am I not seeing them on my device app list? Is it an issue where the apps are not compatible with the device?

They should be on the home page when installed.

Try using the Downloader and troy rapid installer see if they works.

Also are sure you go into settings amd allow to install from unknown sources.

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Unknown sources is enabled and troy rapid installer doesn’t have these apps, that’s why I’m using Unlinked. I should point out that its not happening with every app, thats why i’m wondering if its a compatibility issue. For example, Redbox TV installed fine but others like TVTap, OlaTV, etc. don’t show up on the app list after install.

I’m unfamiliar with tivo boxes, I’m not sure of any issues with combatality.

Hopefully someone can bring light to this.

You can see them installed and no app appearance is strange. Something may be blocking it. Sorry I didn’t help.

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Not familiar with that device, but try going into your settings menu and I imagine there’s an apps menu like other devices. See if they show up there and you can launch them from the settings menu. That may get you by until you figure out why they aren’t showing on the home page.

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