Can the home page of the fire stick 4k be customized?

I have all that advertising, movies, and more. My MeCool is clean and I see only what I want (Love it).

Of course you can. I use the Wolf launcher with the launcher manager and the customizations are almost limitless. Now that being said I have a mega minimal home screen . Just 5 folders and no pics or backgrounds or anything. Simple, plain and uncluttered.


Wow, thank you, this is my first fire stick and I used troy-point video for setup. So far this is the only glitch. I am a pc user and I have used kodi for years. I started out on a Vic-20, IBM with green screen along with my uncle’s 13’ sat with c-band till HBO missed that up. :rofl: I now use the MeCool KM2 it great. The fire stick is for my granddaughter. Thank you again.

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Hello, see this video. How to Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick/Android & Upgrade Your Interface


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