Can’t get Seren to play

I am running kodi 18.1 and 17.6 on my Nvidia Shield, I Have Seren on both and despite my efforts neither work. On 18.1 Leia I’ve followed directions and usually get only one or two sources, on 17.6 it seems* to work, lots of sources load including RD torrents but after starting engines it comes back with all these options and then says “no playable streams”, any ideas ? Thanks

@r1194 You followed Troy’s Installation and Configuration of Seren? You have to optimize Seren to run properly. It sounds like your RD works fine. Today I was getting similar errors and I temporarily dropped my minimum to 720p just to see what would work. I saw some 720p sources. Later I set it back to 1080p and got better results. There are times when everyone is watching and you don’t get any streams. The servers are not available or overloaded. Be sure you follow Troy’s setup of Seren.

Thanks for replying Bennie, I followed Both Troy and deleted and followed the seren site method loading and enabling scrapers, as I said on 18 I get 1-2 sources* on 17.6 I get loads it seems to work fine but just when you think it will play I get the no playable stream message ??

I had similar problems with Seren…loaded, deleted, loaded, deleted numerous times, never could get any use of it…moved on to other apps


Have you guys tried Yoda with Real-Debrid? That seems to be working very well for my viewing requirements.

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I just checked Seren, I followed Troy and one other very recent setup instructions that I used a week or so ago to setup Seren and just moments ago with checking Seren on two builts, one in 18.1 Xenon and one in 17.6 Supremum, both are giving and playing movies and TV series in 1040 and 720, OK for me anyway. I am close to primetime viewing at 7:20 PM, Pacific Time Zone. Using a 2017 NVidia Shield with a Samsung T5 SSD connected for internal storage.

Followed Troy method and nixgate method, I seem to mostly get torrents but no matter how promising it look is I still get the “ no playable sources found” :frowning: