Can Kodi 19.5 fork be upgraded to Kodi 20

Here’s my question…
I’m presently using Troypoint Kodi 19.5 fork.
Is it possible to update Kodi 19.5 fork to Kodi 20 ??
if so how do you do it. What are the steps…
If you can’t what do you suggest I do??

Yes you can… use our search you will find the answer.

What should I type into the search… thanks

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Open downloader and type in the number 250931

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I don’t think you can update 19.5 fork to kodi 20 or tp fork 20. But you could have 3 different ones on the same device. 19.5 tp fork, 20.0 tp fork and kodi 20. Hope this helps and welcome to this great community :+1:


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