Can I DVR Tivimate using Tivo Stream 4k?

I have tried everything and am still not happy with the results. Im looking for something that offers DVR integration where I can timeshift and record from my IPTV or Tivimate.
I have read a few threads regarding the Tivo stream but there is no mention if it can DVR Tivimate.

Thank you.

With a good internet service and iptv provider there is no reason why you couldnt. Tivo 4k is a very capable box. You would need to add storage as well.


You can record with iptv, but i dont really recommend it. You would need a service with catch up and time shift and thats not always usable or working 100%. If you want tv or shows, just use Real Debrid and a app or apk.

Look here for DVR whole home Here

Thank you for the link, I will give it a read.

Regarding Tivo and Tivimate. I did not do a very good job wording my question. Tivo is known for its solid DVR capabilities. Can Tivo be the DVR for Tivimate? Thank you.

Tivo 4k is not a tivo recorder or really anything like a tivo dvr…2 completely different things.


Thank you for the clarification.