Cable vs wireless

I have issues with cable which may be caused by having 7 devices on their 150 plan but I’m wondering if I should upgrade to the 500 or switch to Verizon wireless. Can anyone tell me their opinion please?


Before you upgrade call your isp.

I have a feeling that you are experiencing bandwidth allocation.

One of your 7 devices is getting all the bandwidth from your modem and when something els is using it the speeds are not priority as priority is given to the main devices.

It can be setup in the modem to not do that. But that would require going into your router/ modem.

A hardwired connection is always the best option. But first do some troubleshooting on this

I should also add that My Wi-Fi is making IP vanish shut off all the time. It’ll go off and then on often on


I don’t think that’s ipvanish. I think you need a better Modem from your isp. And a better router.

Talk with their tech department.

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OK, thank you so much for your help.

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