Buzztv x5 ax-c 128gb Thoughts

Morning. I have a 2019 Nvidia shield. but looking to get something different in my room I saw Buzztv here and was reading about it is it a USA made product, or a China box people say stay away from.

Buzz boxes are great, it might be assembled in the US or Canada but I believe the majority of parts are from China as are most if not all boxes like this. I have the X5 and its a great box.


how do you like the mytvonline 3, do you record with it and how does it compare to tivimate and sparkle tv. I am looking to add one myself, have shield pro as main.

Hard to say. I use Tivimate however their app is great but being used to tivi for so long I just stuck with it.

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I was pulling out my hair trying to decide on the Buzz vs the Formuler when all of a sudden I got an email from Best Buy giving me a reward of $25 if I spent $200. HMM what does Best Buy sell for $200… so I got another NVIDIA.

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