BuzzTV X5 128GB USB Port Stopped Working

Hey Guys
my BuzzTV X5 is having a problem.the 3.0 usb port has stopped working,it’s 1 1/2 yr old…been working fantastic till now,i had a 256GB scandisk usb stick plugged into it for external storage and it’s no longer recognized by the unit…works fine in my nvidea shield and X88 Pro…i reached out to BuzzTV
and they’ve responded…i’ve been told to take a pix of the Mac addy on the bottom of the unit and send it to them…wich i’ve done
so far they’ve been very responsive…i will keep everyone updated as to their response…i mean they got back to me fast!!! the very next day? so far so good
thx for letting me vent


ok guys
i’m getting 2 diff responses from Buzztv…buzztvglobal on this site is basically telling me tuff luck…the corporate office has emailed me to send them a pix of the usb stick plugged in and not recognized? wich i did…so far buzztvglobal on our site is being a pr**k about it and the company corporate office is being much more helpful…even telling me i might have to send it in and i’m cool with sending in a unit i paid 200US for…
i’m keeping the private msg from buzztvglobal on this site private for right now…total dick…and i’ve sent the corporate office the info that they requested…i’ll keep everyone informed
in the meantime my 3yr old X88Pro with tivimate is working better than my BuzzTV X5?..and if buzztv global on this site would like me to publish your response to my problem with this 200.00 box
i"d luv too

just curious…Have you tried another usb stick to see if the issue possibly might be with the stick?

sandisk usb 128 3.1 , 3.0 256usb…and my nvidia and X88 Pro recognize them? but not the X5
simple,the usb 3.0 port on the X5 failed after a yr and a half…stuff happens and i’m cool with that but at least give a customer some satisfaction on a box you paid 200US for? i’d just be happy for anyone to say…send it in or give me a credit on a new one?
(dang for 200us let’s work with him)?
am i’m asking too much?
buzztvglobal on this site was uneccesarily rude and it surprised me?
as a retired person? i luv this site and i don’t think this is right

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Do the Buzz Tv boxes show system picker like to grant access on Tivimate adding folders to a external USB or SSD? Looking into Buzz now