BuzzTV HD5 Dongle

Has anyone tried the HD5 32GB Dongle?
Asking cause i live on a super tight budget and i never win giveaways …lol
Also wondering if the pause live tv feature is on that also… cant imagine why it wont be but would like to know before hand

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I havent but I believe its their new 5 interface so I would think so as well, but not a given

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If I remember correctly Troy was supposed to get one at the end of May and was going to do a review as soon as he was able.


I was thinking that also and hoping that this might spur him on.
He does such a fantastic job already and might have forgotten about it with the X5 being so awesome sounding with that pause live TV feature.

I’m looking forward to the BuzzTV dongle and I’m sure I saw one with 128GB storage. This may be the one that entices me to get a google dongle cause the specs seem awesome but I rely on @TROYPOINT and others here on the insider to test them out. :grinning:

Pretty sure its loaded like its big brother with the latest buzztv software.
BuzzTV HD5 Android Streaming Dongle is Now Available | AndroidTVBOX

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